Why Choose Nordic Pole Walking?

Burn Calories

A high-intensity, low impact workout. Nordic pole walking is an exceptional exercise for all ages and reduces high blood pressure.

Strengthen Muscles

A full-body workout that activates 90% of the body’s muscles, promotes an upright posture and strengthens the core.

Improve Mobility

Effective management exercise for chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or neuromuscular and cardio-related diseases.

Therapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness & Wellness

Nordic Walking is a total body workout that provides cardio training and muscle strengthening all in one exercise.

An activity for all ages and fitness levels, this low impact walking exercise can be done in any season and on any surface.

Why We Chose Nordic Pole Walking

Here's what people have to say about our Nordic Pole Walking classes
Patricia & George

Patricia & George

Nordic Pole Walkers

"Great workout and very beneficial for George as he has Parkinson’s and atrial fibrillation . Both his Neurologist and Cardiologist were amazed at his increase in energy.
Both specialists said they would recommend Nordixx Pole walking to their patients as another walking exercise."



Nordic Pole Walker

"I have been walking with the poles for 3 ½ years now. I was sitting in the park on a bench when I saw people walking with the poles. I asked if I could join them. Ginger was so nice. She explained the benefits to us and we have been walking ever since. I feel great. I am 71 years old."



Nordic Pole Walker

"I have Parkinson’s and could not find an exercise program that worked until I tried pole walking. This program really works and I recommend it to anyone who has Parkinson’s. The poles provide a full exercise and help with balance. The positive attitude and help from Ginger adds to the value of the program."

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